Embedded Software Localization

Embedded Software Localization is what we do and what we excel. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we know the best approaches to tackle different localization issues. No matter what your products are, we have the know-how to turn the user interfaces of your embedded software into any language of the world.
GlobalRendering has helped many Fortune 500 companies localize their embedded or desktop software products. Our clients include: Broadcom, Hewlett-Packard, Horizon Navigation, IBM, Konami of America, Remedy, SGI, Sun Microsystems Inc., Sony Ericsson, Visteon Technology and more...
Come to us for One-Stop Solutions for all your Software Localization needs. Our services include internationalization code review, localization, embedded font creation, translation, QA, desktop publishing, and multilingual multimedia production.
The most common languages we have handled include: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Russian. We also have experience in dealing with Arabic, Malay, Thai, and East European languages. GlobalRendering maintains a network of native linguists who are pre-qualified with experience in using translation tools such as Trados.
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