Internationalization (i18n)

Internationalization is a design methodology to make sure software/website can be easily localized to any languages. A properly i18n software/website can cut localization costs in the long run. GlobalRendering can conduct a complete code assessment for your existing programs and provide recommendations for improvement or correction. At this stage even your programs are not yet localized, GlobalRendering can still test your programs for i18n readiness with a technique called pseudo-translation.

Localization (L10n)

When your programs are properly i18n you are ready for localization. GlobalRendering offers complete localization services which include building of terminology list, translation of GUI objects, integration of GUI objects, bug fixes, translation of online help and documentation, maintaining translation memory, QA testing. Our engineers are experienced in each stage of the process to guarantee the highest quality of your products.

Multilingual Multimedia Content Production

As important as the products themselves, marketing material has to be localized to streamline your marketing efforts in the new market. GlobalRendering offers multilingual multimedia content productions with expertise in video filming and editing, voice over, Asian languages web development, CD-ROM authoring and mastering, CD-ROM replication, and DVD replication.

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