The key concept of Internationalization is the separation of human recognizable languages form the computer programming languages. With over a decade of experience in software internationalization, GlobalRendering has the know-how on how the separation should be done and can be done properly. We have developed some in-house tools that can parse your source codes to pinpoint where the potential problems could be. No matter your source codes are in C or C++, Java or Javascript, HTML or XML, we can analyze them to create an internationalization report. Once your programs are properly internationalized, you can be assured with higher quality, lower localization cost, and sooner time to market.

At the localization stage, GlobalRendering uses translation memory tools, teminology tools, software localization tools, machine translation tools, and word counting tools to streamline the process. By using these translation technology, GlobalRendering ensures your localized products will be more consistent. When your software is updated you can re-use most of the already translated sentences and hence reduce the translation cost. Among the tools we use include: Trados Translator's Workbench, Trados Multiterm, Corel Catalyst, Visual Localize, Transtar, and the PDF Count.

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